Photo Gallery

Speaking at anti-apartheid rally at the University of Michigan, circa 1984. Students and faculty at the University of Michigan organized a vibrant anti-apartheid movement to protest South Africa’s racist regime. Daily rallies and protests were held on the square at the university called “The Diag.” The movement put pressure on the university to divest it’s financial holdings in South Africa.
Morris participating in anti-apartheid rally. This photograph was part of a front-page story by the Michigan Daily.
Morris arrested in Washington, D.C. Morris was arrested in Washington, D.C. for protesting in front of the South African Embassy. He was placed in a patty-wagon by D.C. police officers.
Morris introducing Jeremiah Wright at a speech he gave at Northwestern, University. Reverend Wright was invited to speak by students following the university’s decision to rescind his honorary degree. The University made this decision with controversy erupted about Wright during the first Obama campaign for presidency.
Morris and daughter Kiana Keys at book presentation. Morris standing with daughter Kiana following their joint presentation on his new book, The Scholar Denied at the Carter G. Woodson Library in Chicago, IL.
Morris delivering a lecture on his 4th coming book, The Scholar Denied, at Princeton University